Don’t believe in life balance? You probably don’t know what it is.

I’ve heard it said. I’ve seen it on many blogs. “I don’t believe in life balance.” Most frequently, the statement comes from an entrepreneur. When they explain why they don’t believe in it, it’s clear they don’t understand what balance really means. I’m going to set the record straight so you have a better idea of what you’re aiming for should you decide to pursue life balance.

What does it really mean to balance your life or achieve work/life balance? First, let me give you some examples of what “balance” does and does not mean. Balancing your checkbook, for example, does not mean you spend the same amount you brought in. It means you accurately account for what you spent and brought in. A balanced diet does not mean you eat just as much meat as you do vegetables. It means you eat appropriate proportions of the appropriate foods that will supply your body the correct level of nutrients it needs to function properly. The proper proportions will change with your age, environment, your health issues and goals, the quality of your food and other factors.

Life balance or work/life balance does not mean equal parts this and equal parts that. It means appropriate parts this and that. And it means accurately accounting for what you “spend” and “earn” in relationship to this and that – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially/materially. The proper balance and priorities may change based on what’s happening and what’s needed in different areas of your life. Just had a new baby? That part of your life will need a bigger investment. You just lost or landed the biggest business deal of your career? Good chance you’re going to need to invest more of yourself in that area. Relationship just went on the rocks? Going back to school? Each of those things are going to require a lot of energy and “nutrients.”

Life balance is really about adjustment. You may make those adjustments in spurts, or you may need to make them continuously. Either way, the best case scenario is that you make them consciously as you shift your positions in life. Otherwise, you’ll lose your balance and something will have to give. Maintain mindfulness about what you need to shift and when, as well as if and when you need to let something go rather than let it unpredictably give way…bringing down other things in your life or business along with it.

So do yourself a favor. If you’ve given up on life balance, rethink your position. Periodically reexamine what your life needs to be healthy, fulfilling or whatever it is you want it to be. Keep exploring new ways to meet those needs.

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