Program Development

Let's design something incredible and make an impact on your audience and organization.

You don’t just want participants to learn it. You want them to GET it and use it beneficially to produce desirable and measurable outcomes in their personal or professional lives. Dr. M and the team at Conscious Enterprise, Inc. design a variety of training, coaching and other programs, including workshops, lecture series, conferences and online courses that not only teach but transform and empower participants. Our strength is our holistic, learner-centered and mindfulness-based approach in designing a creative program, curriculum, tools and experiences that engage participants in personally relevant and meaningful ways. They therefore become more invested in contributing to a successful outcome.

Covering a wide range of subject matter from communication, confidence, wellness, and self-esteem to life balance, success, healthy relationships and creativity, we are able to work with you and your staff to develop a program from scratch or to enhance an existing one. In our design, we pay close attention to achieving both your program objectives as well as related organizational goals, such as increasing enrollment or funding, or improving community outreach, for example. Optionally, programs can incorporate the use of our established tools or techniques, such as the Healing Man/Healing Woman transformation game or the Inner Power Mapping Technique.

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Just a few of the programs we’ve developed…


Stress and grief management workshop for members, Oxford Health


Stress management workshop for staff,
Frenkel Benefits


Stress management workshop for women, Curves Gym


Making Progress Reentry Program,
NYS Dept. of Corrections


Breaking Down the Walls in Your Life
W.A.R.M. Domestic Violence Center


HMHW Inner Peace Circle, Peace Picnic
NYC Peace Museum


Meditation Course, CUNY,
City College of New York


Meditation Instructors Course,
Inner Life Society


Meditation Clinic


Self-Love, Worth & Confidence


Building Our Legacy,
Black History Month Program


Outrageous Growth & Success
Entrepreneurs Workshop,
Project Enterprise Inc.


Relationship & Communication Workshop