Product Description

For facilitators who use our programs and curricula, we offer a Quick Start training and consultation service to support you in implementing, adapting or extending the activities, lessons and instructions provided with the game, kit or other tool you purchased. Booking a Quick Start session for you or your team is also an effective way to get guidance on determining your audience format, outcome objectives, promotional ideas or even how to integrate the material into an existing program. Work directly with Dr. M or one of our experienced consultants.

Our phone or video training call can offer:

  • initial guidance on selecting the right activity and/or content for your program or event.
  • answers to specific questions about using your kit with your particular audience.
  • suggestions to help set an effective pace or schedule of events.
  • ideas for how to facilitate large, small or virtual groups.
  • strategies for connecting and working with new or difficult audiences.
  • advice on facilitating deeper group experiences and unique dynamics.
  • insight and perspective on different ways to use the material to work with clients or promote your business .
  • support for any bumps you may encounter while setting up, promoting or running your program



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