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Use this toolkit to set up and facilitate the HMHW Reentry Program within your organization or to create dynamic reentry workshops within an existing reentry program. Discussions and workbook responses that take place during program sessions generate dynamic, relevant curriculum content for participants to explore in group and on their own. The program engages learners and organically gets them to take  active and mindful ownership of their growth process. By incorporating existing resources or services (or by finding or creating new ones), you can further assist ex-offenders and their families in transforming talk into personal growth, action and continued progress.  See the “Video” tab to watch a slideshow about the program.
The program kit includes materials to accommodate a group of up to 21 participants (utilizing breakout groups of up to 7 people for various activities):
  • 3 Healing Man/Healing Woman transformation games
  • 1 Facilitator’s Guide
  • 1 Game Night Facilitator’s Playbook
  • Printable participant workbooks
 Who should use the Healing Man/Healing Woman reentry program kit
  • prison counselors
  • reentry counselors and volunteers
  • support group facilitators
  • mental health professionals
  • human potential professionals
  • peer counselors and mentors

Staff training and program consulting are also available.

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Watch what people unlock with Healing Man/ Healing Woman…and the fun they have doing it!


stephanieHMHW “It was so amazing to see the women open up and interact. We were able to break down some walls that we didn’t know even existed…brick by brick.” ~Stephanie Lindor, Founder
We All Really Matter (W.A.R.M.)
domestic violence organization
GraceyHMHW “I [use it] to inspire [me] to a greater self. As a teacher [I use it] to help others see themselves. The cards take me from just thinking about making changes to actually making changes.” ~Gracey Castro, Writer, Teacher
Couple-PicnicHMHW “I didn’t know that
about him.”
Participant-Male-HMHW “I’m working the 12 steps. This helped me with step number 10, which is about taking personal inventory. I think my wife would like this too.”
Couple-HMHW “I thought we talked about this stuff before. But after the game, I realized just how much we’ve been leaving unspoken.” ~Couple JayHMHW “I had a breakthrough. It allowed me to open up and tap into who I am…and who other people are. It allowed me to learn from everyone else. I loved it. It was powerful.”
~Jay, participant
LamarrHMHW “For those [like me] in transition, this puts perspective on things. It will help you find conclusion to certain things. We really enjoyed this because it tapped into some deep issues.” ~Lamarr, participant Participant-warm-HMHW “I have come so far.”



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