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The Inner Power Workbook challenges readers to build spiritual core strength and to exercise the power to change their lives. Containing life-changing exercises and master keys for positive, radical growth and manifestation, the Inner Power Workbook takes readers through a series of transformational workshops covering several major life issues, including (but not limited to) relationships, stress, communication, empowerment and success. The workbook features the Inner Power Mapping technique for clearing negative patterns and subconscious blocks. Use it to empower clients (or your family or inner circle) to transcend their greatest fears and obstacles in life, love or career and to break through to the power of their true inner core. Great for spiritual coaching programs and spiritual development groups, the workbook process, which is based on Dr. M’s Whole Growth method, helps readers to synthesize the wisdom to fuel their transformation and develop a new, more powerful mindset.

Coaches can either follow workshops in order, select relevant workshops that address client issues or use the wisdom cards to stimulate discussion and then choose corresponding workshops. Use the Inner Power Workbook as a standalone coaching tool, as supplemental material for your existing program, or to build an original coaching program using one or more workshops from the book as a foundation.

Who this kit is for

  • Spiritual coaches and group leaders
  • Holistic coaches
  • metaphysical ministers and teachers
  • Families and friends who want to heal and grow together
  • Wisdom, sharing and healing circles
  • Meditation and mindfulness groups
  • spiritual development and support groups
  • meetup groups for personal power and development

The workbook contains unique self-development exercises, master keys and techniques that equip readers to get unstuck, break down their walls and build their dreams. In the process, they discover a new approach to growth, success and transformation that will also help them to create life balance, achieve goals, resolve internal and external conflicts, and build confidence in alignment with their truth. Use this workbook for a unique and creative approach to alchemical transformation.

The Workbook Features…

  • the Inner Power Mapping Technique
  • 12 Icebreaker games for workshops and retreats
  • Tips for facilitators, mentors, and group leaders
  • Overviews of key holistic and metaphysical principles for growth in mind, body, spirit and emotions
  • Practical lessons and exercises to apply in everyday life – personally, professionally and spiritually.

The family that healed together

The-Power-of-Inner-Power-cover_Page_04 Gracey and six women in her family were determined to confront and resolve some of the biggest issues in their lives—from domestic violence and self-esteem issues to career stagnation and turning a failing marriage around. For Mother’s Day, the cousins each set a specific life-changing goal and promised to support each other through a process of empowerment, growth, healing, and transformation. The family’s results were extraordinary. Using the Inner Power Workbook, they achieved together in just a few months what none of them had been able to accomplish on their own in 30 or 40 years. “Each of us had a revelation,” says Gracey. “It was a huge accomplishment that each of us, by the end of the year, reached our goal.” And the family has never been closer.  Read Gracey’s Full Story: (PDF)

Listen to audio excerpts from an interview with Gracey:

What this book did for us

We each reached our goal

Our most powerful manifestation

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