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Inside each of is an evolution waiting to happen. This game will draw it out.

Healing Man/Healing Woman:

A fun tool for serious discussion…and breaking unhealthy taboos.

Pick a card and share. Healing Man/Healing Woman is a fun empowerment tool for use by coaches, counselors, and support group facilitators that works like a card game. Suited for adults and youth ages 16 and up, it features 144+ thought-provoking, mix-n-match topics covering 10 life areas, and incorporates dice, game chips and a buzzer to add another layer of excitement and interaction. Use the game to stimulate conscious conversation; empower groups, teams, families and couples; and give people a fun way to “go there” and get past what’s hurting them or holding them back. The rules are simple: Start with a conversation;  End with a strategy for healing and growth.If you’re looking for a fun game for your support group that not only breaks the ice but also wakes people up and facilitates transformation, Healing Man Healing Woman (HMHW) offers something unique. You may have talked about or workshopped a lot of topics in your group…but never like this. Versatile and effective, the Healing Man/Healing Woman transformation game gets players to be authentic and engage in the most powerful conversations, insights and transformations they’ve had with anyone ever.

The game’s interactive process helps players to mindfully and strategically turn talk into transformation. It provides an active learning experience and a fun way to move people past their differences, internal conflicts, conditioning, damaging self-concepts and unhealthy taboos. Gameplay creates dynamic, empowering and personally relevant discussion, breakthrough goals and support group activities for adults that awakens them on deep levels. As a counseling tool, HMHW makes it easier for mental health and human potential professionals to get even difficult clients to open up, push boundaries and evolve their connection to others, self, and their personal power.

How to play Healing Man/Healing Woman
There are several ways to play Healing Man/Healing Woman to facilitate different types of experiences, interactions, and transformations; 6 are included with the game. A core element of gameplay is for participants to choose a major card and share how it relates to their lives and/or a theme.  To go deeper, “up the ante” on key discussions and discoveries, or take the conversation on provocative new twists and turns, players tap the buzzer, roll the dice, and let their game chips fall where they may. At the end of the game, players turn their insights into real-world action for personal, professional or community transformation.

Use the game to help players learn how to:
  • Be more authentic and honest
  • Build supportive relationships and community
  • Articulate their thoughts and feelings
  • Cultivate greater versions of themselves
  • Use personal power to transcend challenges and heal old wounds.
  • Bridge culture and communication gaps
  • Talk about difficult issues in a fun, effective and empowering way
Who should use Healing Man/Healing Woman:
  • Mental health & wellness professionals
  • Human potential professionals
  • Relationship coaches
  • Community empowerment facilitators
  • Peer counselors and mentors
  • Spiritual counselors and coaches
  • Empowerment and transformation coaches
  • Life coaches
For up to 7 players. Ages 16 and up. Game Set Includes:
  • 1 Healing Man/Healing Woman game (108 cards featuring 144+ thought-provoking, mix-n-match topics)
  • 1 Game buzzer
  • 3 dice
  • 7 sets of colored game markers (total 70 markers).
  • 6 Ways to play:
    • Cross the Line
    • Empowerment Poker
    • The Matrix
    • Power Playoff
    • Straight Talk
    • Wild, Hot, Taboo
Some benefits and outcomes of playing Healing Man/Healing Woman:
  • Clients build deeper rapport more quickly
  • Difficult topics or emotions are easier to articulate and discuss
  • Stimulates deep insight, sharing and introspection
  • Makes it easier to understand where people are coming from
  • Increases genuineness and empathy in discussion, and reduces judgement (including self-judgement)
  • Uncovers unconscious knowledge and potential within individuals and groups
  • Develops emotional and spiritual intelligence with continued use
  • Participants gain greater clarity, focus and purposefulness in their goals
  • Encourages stronger ownership, responsibility and accountability for one’s own growth, healing and empowerment
  • Makes group sessions more engaging and personally relevant
  • Augments the sense of connection and community within the group
Some uses for Healing Man/Healing Woman include:
  • Support groups (HMHW has been used in domestic violence and social anxiety support groups, for example)
  • Ice breakers and breakout group activities
  • Men’s, women’s, coed and couples’ support groups
  • Facilitate emotionally and spiritually intelligent conversation about difficult or controversial topics
  • Life coaching or mentoring groups
  • Cultivate mindfulness
  • Generating affirmations
  • Family and couples’ counseling and coaching (ages 16 and up recommended)
  • Get groups, families, teams or partners on the same page
  • Increase group engagement and interactivity during a session, class or program.
  • Community building
  • Mastermind groups
  • Vision boarding

The Brief Story Behind the Creation of the Healing Man/Healing Woman Game

While studying martial arts years ago, the game’s creator, Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez, PhD noticed that many women struggled with both the idea and the act of physically or verbally protecting themselves and their space. She couldn’t help but wonder if this was just one of many psycho-spiritual remnants of the long-held wounded image of women as the “weaker sex.” Did this wound still exist in collective consciousness? What other wounds existed in the consciousness and identity of both men and women? How were they hurting us and holding us back? And how could we deconstruct our unhealthy self-concepts and transform them into a more evolved awareness and existence without scaring the hell out or ourselves before we even got started?  What would it take to stop repeating the same old histories and take our minds, conversations and choices someplace new with as little resistance as possible? The Healing Man/Healing Woman game was born.

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Watch what people unlock with Healing Man/ Healing Woman…and the fun they have doing it!


stephanieHMHW “It was so amazing to see the women open up and interact. We were able to break down some walls that we didn’t know even existed…brick by brick.” ~Stephanie Lindor, Founder
We All Really Matter (W.A.R.M.)
domestic violence organization
GraceyHMHW “I [use it] to inspire [me] to a greater self. As a teacher [I use it] to help others see themselves. The cards take me from just thinking about making changes to actually making changes.” ~Gracey Castro, Writer, Teacher
Couple-PicnicHMHW “I didn’t know that
about him.”
Participant-Male-HMHW “I’m working the 12 steps. This helped me with step number 10, which is about taking personal inventory. I think my wife would like this too.”
Couple-HMHW “I thought we talked about this stuff before. But after the game, I realized just how much we’ve been leaving unspoken.” ~Couple JayHMHW “I had a breakthrough. It allowed me to open up and tap into who I am…and who other people are. It allowed me to learn from everyone else. I loved it. It was powerful.”
~Jay, participant
LamarrHMHW “For those [like me] in transition, this puts perspective on things. It will help you find conclusion to certain things. We really enjoyed this because it tapped into some deep issues.” ~Lamarr, participant Participant-warm-HMHW “I have come so far.”


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